Photographs of Algae

Photographs Heterokontophyta (Chromophyta)
Diatoms of the Swedish West Coast Göteborg University, Department of Marine Ecology & Marine Botany
Image Gallery of Phaeophyta University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Botany
Image Gallery of Diatoms  
Heterokontophyta Ohio University, Environmental and Plant Biology Department
Algal Images (especially diatoms) from Rex Lowe's lab Bowling Green University, Department of Biological Sciences
ANSP Algae Image Database (Diatoms) Phycology Section, Patrick Center for Environmental Research
Diatoms Göteborg University, Department of Marine Botany
Images of Piedmont Freshwater Pennate Diatoms A. Bertoglio & G. Fucale
Photos of Diatoms Automatic Diatom Identification And Classification Project (ADIAC)